Monday, October 24, 2005

Uh, yeah... that's smart

Harriet Miers is being ridiculed by someone new almost hourly now and George W. is reeling with the lowest ratings of his presidency. Not a particularly comfortable situation for either of them to say the least.

It seems to me that G.W. has three choices:

  • Ask the woman to withdraw, nominate someone else, pretend this never happened.
  • Withdraw the nomination himself, nominate someone else, pretend this never happened.
  • Do what has to be done to get the nomination through the Senate as quickly and quietly (this is a relative term here) as possible, pretend this never happened.

Instead he seems to have found a fourth solution that I didn't even think of:

What in the hell is wrong with him??? Does he have any idea what is going on around him??? Why does he think that this would work???

This is new today - That's a website of Republicans wanting her to withdraw, quick reminder for those that missed it... that's the majority party in the Senate right now. I'd expect a little more harsh treatment from the left once the hearings get under way.

This is just going to get uglier for him. Dave's prediction - he will have to give on these documents or she will not be confirmed.


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